How To Apply

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply Grip Tyre Softener to your tyres

Step 1: What You Need

Applying Grip - What You Need

The basic tools for applying Grip to your tyres include a scraper to clean the surface of the tyre from any loose rubber (a household decorating type will do fine), a pair of latex gloves and a Grip Roller Dispenser filled with Grip Tyre Softener. If you don't have a Grip Roller Dispenser however, a normal paint brush and an open container in which to pour Grip Tyre Softener will do the trick!

Step 2: Application

Applying Grip - Close Up Applying Grip - Motorcycle Tyre

It is important to clean up the tyre surface with the scraper to remove any built-up rubber. This will allow Grip to penetrate more evenly throughout the tyre surface and also helps to prepare the tyre for the next race.

Next, pour some Grip in to your Grip Roller Dispenser and start pumping the lever on the dispenser which will fill the roller with Grip. Then simply roll the dispenser over the tyre's tread surface (there is no benefit in applying it to the sidewall) until Grip is evenly applied to the whole tyre. If you do not have a Grip Roller Dispenser then simply pour some Grip in to a container of your choice and apply it to the tyre with a normal paint brush.

The first coat will take around 30 minutes to absorb, depending on room temperature. Further coats of Grip can then be applied as desired, leaving similar absorption time after each coat. Four or five additional coats will give a significant increase in adhesion.

Step 3: The Results

Applying Grip - The Results

The tyres must now be left to cure. This will take several days. It is a slow but necessary process to ensure the tyres are softened adequately and that Grip has penetrated down through the tyre, and because Grip is non-evaporative it will keep on penetrating meaning the tyres will stay softened for weeks.

After applying Grip and leaving to cure for several days you should be able to noticably feel the difference in the tyre's softness, and if using a durometer, you can expect the reading to be about 10-15 points lower.

Remember, after the tyres have been used, given that they are still safe to use, the softness can be maintained by again cleaning off the surface and repeating the process above. Don't forget to leave them for several days again though for adequate penetration!